Monthly Archives: April 2008

Greetings & Intro

The first blog I had was created by force, a requirement of my student teaching. In the beginning I dreaded coming home and forcing myself to divulge and reflect on my day in the classroom. Slowly but surely, I found myself noting things that I could not wait to post on my blog and share with whomever wanted to read it (mostly just my advisors, but at least thats a guaranteed audience). However, once my time as a student teacher ended I felt like I no longer had a reason to blog. I mean really, who wants to read my random ramblings that go on in my head? Oh you do? Fantastic … lets get started then.

After a roller coaster of a year plus in the real world its time again to “put pen to paper,” as they to say. So, for anyone who reads this, thank you in advance – I’m glad you find what I’m putting out there interesting enough to spend your time on!