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A Good Laugher

So I’m not on twitter nor do I follow peoples tweets … except, I stumble across this one feed that constantly makes me laugh so hard I just can’t help myself. Though the name in itself is a little crass and the content is definitely uncensored, Shitmydadsays(Justin) is the perfect source for a good chuckle. Justin literally posts the witicisms  his elderly live-in father spouts about life, love and anything else under the sun. Remember that laughter is good for you, so take a minute and check it out.


Oh la la Coco

Coco Avant Chanel

image credit: Sony Classics

I’m so happy that films about fashion have been coming out one after another recently. Valentino, The September Issue, even a Lifetime movie about Chanel. Now there is another addition to the line up, Coco Avant Chanel, a docu-drama from Sony Classics. The fabulous Audrey Tautou returns to the screen in the role of Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel in Coco Avant Chanel. Currently its only playing in NY and LA, but keep an eye on your local theater because it should be coming soon. Watch the trailer and get excited – I’ve already got a date with my girls to go see it next week!

All Shapes & Sizes

image credit: CNN/ Glamour Magazine

Watch the Video

In a previous post (Fashion Faux Pas), I had mentioned that Glamour Magazine had done a feature on plus sized models. Well today, CNN’s Campbell Brown interviews the editor in chief of Glamour, Cindi Leive about the feature and future of the female figure in fashion.

Where do you stand? Leave a comment!

Amelia “Defying The Impossible. Living The Dream.”

As a little girl, there were several historical female role models I looked up to and read about constantly. Elizabeth Blackwell, Eugene Clark – “The Shark Lady,” and Amelia Earhart were all women of “firsts” and great adventures that captured my imagination. Well imagine my excitement when I caught the trailer for the new movie, Ameilia!  Starring Hilary Swank, Richard Gere and Ewan McGregor, the film released yesterday. It covers her biography and the great mystery surround her disappearance – which is still a mystery being researched today. The plot is the there, the cast is promising – this one movie I will definitely be seeing in the theaters!

Modcloth lands Inc.’s 30 Under 30!

One of my favorite online eye candy stores, Modcloth, has recently received some much deserved acclaim. The husband and wife team behind the online vintage and retro inspired shopping phenomenon were awarded the number 2 and 3 slots of Inc.’s 30 Under 30 – America’s Coolest Young Entrepreneurs.   Susan Gregg Koger (24) and Eric Koger (25) launched their company in 2003, running it out of Susan’s dorm room in Pittsburgh, while they both attended Carnegie Mellon. Susan states she was just “a girl in the thrift store” – picking up items she wouldn’t ever wear, but just couldn’t resist – creating Modcloth was initially a way for these great vintage finds to get “a good home.”  Read more about their awesome story here and happy shopping.

A big CONGRATS!!!! to Susan and Eric for their success – I know I love contributing to it, so keep up the good work. Now if only I could get them to open an actual store here in Virginia … hmmm.

350 Day



Today something big happened and I mean BIG!  Across the world,  groups of all kinds joined together to help bring awareness to the 350 cause in a “Day of Action.”  Attempting to get world leaders to sit up and listen to the growing concern regarding our actions towards climate change and global “weirdness” (or warming as its better known).  People in over 170 countries around the globe are participating in events — school children planting 350 trees in Bangladesh, scientists hanging banners saying 350 on the statues on Easter Island, 350 scuba divers diving underwater at the Great Barrier Reef, and a thousand more creative actions like these which can all be seen online in a constantly updating photo gallery.  These photos will hopefully act as a powerful “visual petition” to speak loud and clear to the leaders of every country. Continue reading

Birthday come early!

Luck must have been on my side this time – both boyfriend & I got blocks of tickets for the Phish show in Charlottesville through the ticket lottery! To get even better, one block is on the FLOOR – I guess turning 26 won’t be so bad when I’m jamming out up close with Phish. Happy early birthday to me! For anyone who wasn’t so lucky in the lottery, tickets go on sale to the general public Friday (10/23) at 10am. Click here to try and get yours! Good luck. And remember “whatever you do, take care of your shoes.”

P.S. – leave me a comment or hit me up if you are going to the C-ville show!