Fabulous Fashion Resources

Today I wanted to take a minute to share some of my favorite fashion resources. For work I am constantly looking for inspiration, trends and other information on the fashion industry and apparel in general. From people on the street to the latest runway shows, these sites should help get anyone their fashion fix!

Why Its Great: Are you looking for a certain item, say a black high waisted skirt, type it in the search and bam, take your pick! Also offers celebrity looks to copy from and style boards for inspiration.

Why Its GreatFind the latest runway shows, red carpet events and noteworthy parties on here complete with photo galleries. There are also some great contests listed on Vogues fashion devoted site.

Why Its Great: A blog written by a marketing student obsessed with fashion and photography offers a real gal perspective on everything from the new Prada lookbook to what she’s wearing.

Why Its Great: This fantastic blog was recently praised in Glamour and is a great go-to for real life fashion. Photos from street life and even the occasional fashion week really capture how real people wear great, current fashion every day.

Why Its Great: Even though this blogger is from Toronto, she’s covering fashion from EVERYWHERE! This site is so comprehensive – it covers trends, look books and must-haves. Definitely worth checking in on everyday.

Why Its Great: Can we say fashion enthusiast community? Join in and post your own looks and check out what everyone else is wearing. Great source for street fashion and fun trends. Also offers great discounts and contests to help with that shopping problem.

Why Its Great: If you like DIY and off the beaten path trends, this site is for you! It also features some greener fashions, which this tree-hugging girl loves.

Why Its Great: Yet another winner for street fashion mixed into this everyday blog.

Why Its Great: Want to create your own inspiration board or browse other peoples? This is your site – it allows you to pull from online shopping sites to create outfits, mood boards, and anything else you can think of – oh and you’ll also find out where to get all those great pieces you’ve put together.


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