McQueen meets EXistenZ

Shoes from the alien spectacle

Shoes from the alien spectacle

Alexander McQueen’s Spring 2010 Ready-to-Wear hit the runway with out of this world fashion, literally. The new collection displayed both clothing and shoes that reminded me of textures, colors and shapes from sci-fi movies like EXistenZ and The Fifth Element . The shoes to the left especially remind me of the anatomical video game elements from David Cronenberg’s fantastical world in EXistenZ, though I must say McQueen has make the almost gory bone shapes beautiful. For a more comprehensive review and full photo gallery of the Plato’s Atlantis collection, visit Be prepared to see fashion in a new way … of course, I find that to be the usual with McQueen!

On a side note, if your looking to have your movie mind bent (and ladies if you want to look at Jude Law for a couple hours) do check out EXistenZ.  Director Cronenburg definitely knows how to create a whole different world, blending the familiar and fantasy until you’re not sure where one starts and another stops. He has also directed Eastern Promises, Videodrome, and Crash.


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