Happy Happy Joy!

I came back from lunch to the best e-mail ever – Phish is playing a show in Charlottesville on my birthday!!!!! After seeing them two nights at Bonnaroo, I was ready to follow them for the rest of the tour – if only it wasn’t for money, bills and holding down a job (which I love)… Luckily they released their new studio album early in September and I’ve been living off of  Joy for the past month. I’m still dying to see them live again and have been scheming with the boyfriend to figure out any way possible to go to another show. Now that they are only play a couple hours away in Charlottesville, the only hurdle to getting my Phish-fix is getting tickets from the crazy lottery system (did not have so much luck with this for the Hampton shows). So if you too love Phish and want to catch the end of their tour – go to their website and put in to try and get tickets today. Oh yeah, and cross your fingers for me that I score some tickets this time – it would make for the best birthday EVER!

Want more Phish? Check out their interview on NPR and listen to songs off their new album.


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