Madmen Me!

I am completely hooked on the show Madmen – the story, characters and of course, the clothes. Now on its 3rd season, it is definitely the essential Sunday night indulgence for anyone who likes a good period drama. It makes me dream of living the sixties, though I’m not sure I would have faired too well as a secretary or housewife, I probably would have pulled a Patty and scraped my way up to writing copy!

Cattee in Madmen

Cattee in Madmen

Well, now you can make yourself part of the cast with this great website: Madmen Yourself!This is the product of me playing around entirely too long with the app. – far too many fashion and hair choices … and of course accessories! You can download your final product as a background, icon and phone friendly graphics. Enjoy and feel free to post your results to the post, I would love to see them.

Of course, as a designer I love the creative aspect of the show – developing great campaigns with many familiar brands of that time. Now you can go online and check out Sal’s portfolio, complete with pencil sketches and coffee stains. Be sure to check it out and get ready for another episode this Sunday.


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