Who Wears The Pants?

Some mornings I stand in front of my closet starring, desperately trying to figure out what to wear and eventually throwing on jeans and a t-shirt. I had forgotten until the other morning that going out of my house in such an outfit is a luxury.  On the way into work I heard an NPR story that dropped my jaw and then made me smile.

Lubna Ahmed Hussein is a female citizen of Sudan and was arrested for the crime of wearing pants – yes ladies for wearing pants in public.

Under Sudan’s decency law, any man can accuse any woman of dressing indecently. She could have bare wrists or a bare head, or she could be wearing trousers.”
– Gwen Thompkins

Women across the world face a variety of  hardships, just simply having been born female. In some countries baby girls are still killed as they are the undesired sex for children!  The women of America are for the most part very privileged – allowed to wear what we please, have jobs, even marry for love. Our destinies are not predetermined by our sex. Currently America is at war with Afghanistan, a country that many feel oppresses women, and it is a moral debate for me on if it is our job to liberate these women. After finding out about Lubna Ahmed Hussein and the other strong, rebellious women of Sudan, I have begun to wonder if each country and culture must have their own women’s movement – that they must free themselves from the oppression of their societies. Or is it my duty as a free woman to reach out, take action, and aid those who still suffer from violence and oppression. These ideas will definitely occupy my mind for many days to come …

Need another women’s movement story? Read about the Backlash in Egypt as women fight to protect their rights to control their bodies.


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