Ticketmaster, argggg

You find out your favorite band is coming to your favorite local venue – so excited, especially because the tickets don’t really cost too much. So you jump online to buy a pair and bam – you’re send over to Ticketmaster where your $30 general admission seats for the show quickly turn into $50 tickets. How has this happened that with all of the monopoly business laws, we still have one event ticketing company who rules them all? Service fees, venue fees, fees to even print your own ticket (really, really?!) quickly add to up to a small fortune making event tickets a serious luxury in this economy. I recently went to a show where the tickets were $12.50 online, but after all the fees it would have been $17.75 – so I waited until the night of the show and even with the “day of” bump up in price, I still paid less ($15/ticket) than the Ticketmaster price. People, this blows my mind and apparently I’m not the only one that feels this way (ticketmastersucks).

Since ticketmaster started nickel and diming us, only one musical group has noticably made a stand to them, setting up their own ticketing for events. Sadly, even Pearl Jam has sold out and joined the fold these days forcing me to get my tickets for their last show through, you guessed it, ticketmaster. Where is the competition to help keep the prices down? LiveNation and Coxtix are both trying to get a share of the event ticketing business, though they both slap on the extra fees as well, yet Ticketmaster is still maintaining its domination. Could it get even worse? Yes – they’ve now offered us an online place to legally buy “scalped tickets” through their Tickets Now website. I desperately looked on there when I couldn’t get Phish tickets for Hampton through the lottery system or regular Ticketmaster, only to find that every single pair started at $300 and went up from there (what kind of phish fan has $1200 to drop on all 3 nights?)!!!

So to sum things up – anybody want to start a petition to put a stop to this insanity? If you get fired up like I do every time I go to buy tickets, lets all band together and lay a smack-down on the monopoly known as Ticketmaster. Until the reckoning comes, I guess I’ll just keep buying my tickets from the box offices whenever I can …


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