350 Day



Today something big happened and I mean BIG!  Across the world,  groups of all kinds joined together to help bring awareness to the 350 cause in a “Day of Action.”  Attempting to get world leaders to sit up and listen to the growing concern regarding our actions towards climate change and global “weirdness” (or warming as its better known).  People in over 170 countries around the globe are participating in events — school children planting 350 trees in Bangladesh, scientists hanging banners saying 350 on the statues on Easter Island, 350 scuba divers diving underwater at the Great Barrier Reef, and a thousand more creative actions like these which can all be seen online in a constantly updating photo gallery.  These photos will hopefully act as a powerful “visual petition” to speak loud and clear to the leaders of every country.


350 Day of Action at the UUFP

The boyfriend and I joined in on the action with his Uncle’s church, Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of the Peninsula, filming and photographing their event. After a group breakfast, vegetarian (yay) to be green, everyone gathered outside to talk, sing, chant and cheer.  The announcement was made that the fellowship building had recently “gone green” with their power source through Dominion Power’s green energy option – something I’ll be setting up for my abode when I get home! Then we all signed a petition for change headed for President Obama’s desk that will hopefully be part of the bigger call to action.

If you are a “tree hugger” or someone who just cares about the planet and our future with it, you can still contribute to the 350 Day of Action by donating online. Also, take a minute today to think about what you can do to reduce your carbon footprint – switch to green power, use reusable shopping bags, take public transportation or walk, change your lightbulbs, buy energy efficient appliances … Click here for more ideas. Let’s all take action together, even the little things can make a big difference – oh and don’t forget to tell your friends!!!


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