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SJP’s American Artist

Now that the latest season of Project Runway has wrapped, more than surviving the switch from its original network (Bravo) to Lifetime, what will us artsy, competitive, reality junkies watch next? Bravo once again may have the answer … there is a buzz right now in the reality TV world that Sarah Jessica Parker will be starting a show with the network. American Artist is the tentative name for what sounds like the artist olympics! The show will be challenge based, providing contestants with art projects from all disciplines, thus forcing the aspiring “creatives” out of their comfort zones to see who is the “best.”

I must admit as an artist I’m not entirely sure how I feel about this show concept, but out of sheer curiosity I’ll probably watch. How about you?


PodCast Awards

Since I’m attached to my computer for 8 hrs a day at work, I end up listening to a lot of music and podcasts. TWIT, Design Tools Weekly, Craftcast, Rachel Maddow, This American Life and so many more keep me up to date, informed and entertained. So … if you’re like me (addicted to podcasts) take a minute to show your appreciation and VOTE in the PodCast Awards! Oh and just like in early American politics, you can vote early and often (once a day).

“Exciting” weather


Norfolk, VA

Well the past couple days I have missed what has been going on in the world due to the Nor’easter that slammed Virginia’s coast.  Between the flooding, rain and wind outside and leaking windows and ceiling inside, it had been exciting to say the least. Photo to the left is from just before yesterday’s high tide; about two hours after this the hydrant was well underwater! Check out my flickr photostream for more pictures – I plan on doing a photo adventure tomorrow once the waters recede more.


Picture 4

image courtesy of

Here in Virginia we are currently getting slammed with the leftovers from Tropical Storm Ida – rain, wind, flooding … the works. However, for some reason when it got up to us, Ida had transformed into what is called a Nor’easter. This is a weather term I have heard all my life, but never really know exactly what made a Nor’easter (or Northeaster if you want to be proper like the weather channel). Continue reading

South Park does Dolphins!

Picture 1

South Park: Whale Whores

Thank you South Park, you have done it again. This show never fails to unbiasedly go after anything and everything with a sense of humor (and probably some animated violence).  As my friend Damu says about the show, “yeah, they go there.”

Last week’s episode (13: Whale Whores) was no exception – those guys are always so on point with current issues from the news to pop culture. The show first took aim at the Japanese practice of killing dolphins (video clip) which I had my eyes opened to through several NPR stories about the movie The Cove (see additional links below). Then the reality show Whale Wars took a hit, but even Captain Paul Watson couldn’t complain about being harpooned by the show because it shed some light on their cause. I won’t go any further into the plot line because I don’t want to be a spoiler – trust me its an episode worth watching. Continue reading

Be-a-utiful Books



designed by Coralie Bickford-Smith

Publisher Penguin has given a collection of ten classic books a face lift and they finally available in the U.S. Designer, Coralie Bickford-Smith has created eye-catching covers for the hardback versions of novels like Pride & Prejudice, Great Expectations (left), and Wurthering Heights.  Each book has great graphic elements with a somewhat vintage vibe, making it an instant enhancement of your library. The best part? These works of literature and now art are actually affordable – less than $15 each on (opt for two, you can even get free shipping)! I’ve already a couple novels to my wishlist…

You know it’s thriller, thriller night

Imogen Heap, you made my day! After releasing a fantastically quirky album  earlier this year (Ellipse), she has now decided to tackle a Michael Jackson favorite, Thriller. Putting her own spin on it, she keeps the creepiness and adds a touch of mourning through her voice. Check it out!