South Park does Dolphins!

Picture 1

South Park: Whale Whores

Thank you South Park, you have done it again. This show never fails to unbiasedly go after anything and everything with a sense of humor (and probably some animated violence).  As my friend Damu says about the show, “yeah, they go there.”

Last week’s episode (13: Whale Whores) was no exception – those guys are always so on point with current issues from the news to pop culture. The show first took aim at the Japanese practice of killing dolphins (video clip) which I had my eyes opened to through several NPR stories about the movie The Cove (see additional links below). Then the reality show Whale Wars took a hit, but even Captain Paul Watson couldn’t complain about being harpooned by the show because it shed some light on their cause. I won’t go any further into the plot line because I don’t want to be a spoiler – trust me its an episode worth watching. But really, who knew South Park would become a vehicle for environmental activism/ animal rights? Being the earth lover that I am, I totally support people being exposed to the crimes against the planet through any means possible, including animated satire. So now that you’ve laughed, been appalled, and know about the problem … do something!

NPR Stories About The Cove
A Date with Dolphins and Death, in ‘The Cove’
‘The Cove’: A Stirring Crusade Against a Grim Trade
‘Cove’ Director Surfaces Deep (and Dark) Secrets


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