“Run like a naked guy outta control”

Phish’s fall tour has come to a close, but I was lucky enough to be there for the last show in Charlottesville! It was definitely a stellar show, especially since it was on my birthday (if you have to turn 26, that’s the way to do it). Sadly, I didn’t get to hear any of my birthday request songs (Fee, Contact or Bouncing Around the Room) – I guess there’s always next time. Wonder when they are playing in the spring?

– Snowy Charlottesville
– Cold Pizza and Hot Cider (spiked) in the lot
– Sleeping bag boy (dude walking around like a human “pig in a blanket” with his sleeping bag bungied around him)
– Being about 6 people deep on the floor
– Jamming out w/ some of my favorite boys (Phish, boyfriend, brother & friends)
– Divided Sky (that song makes me weak)
The Naked Guy (during Ya Mar: Set 1)
– David Bowie and Golgi Apparatus – live, finally
– Getting the show poster with my birthday on it (thanks boyfriend)

Phish, c-ville from xiansouljar (flickr)
or visit my Flickr page for cell phone shots
Chalk Dust Torture
Stealing Time From The Faulty Plan
The Divided Sky
Ya Mar
Sneakin’ Sally Thru The Alley
Old Home Place
Funky Bitch
David Bowie
The Wedge
Bold as Love
Sweet Virginia
Harry Hood >
Suzy Greenberg
Golgi Apparatus
Run Like an Antelope
Loving Cup >
Tweezer Reprise
For a pretty solid song by song review of the show, click here.
– be that fan that emails requests at least once a week before the show, break out the request sign and yell for it!
– travel lighter: bag with layers of clothing, poster and etc. definitely impedes the dancing and my ability to sneak up front (something I should have done with my “happy birthday” headband on).
– explore the lot more (its really like another world full of happy people)
– take a cue from my friend, Mike and become friends with everyone around you, it only increased the good mood
Up next, I’m hoping to get to a Phish Festival (boyfriend talks about them all the time, especially IT) though I’m also crossing my fingers they play Bonnaroo again. And of course someday it would be awesome to see them in the Mothership, especially since Hampton Coliseum is kind of my “hometown” venue… Until then, I guess I’ll stick to listening to the live shows to get my fix.

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