Hot Mess!

Apron by Hot Mess!

Apron by Hot Mess!

I am a huge fan of handcrafted and eco-friendly gifts (as I’m sure many of you are), often trying to craft my own or at least buying them on sites like Etsy. Today I have to give props to my girlfriend, JC, for rocking out some seriously impressive gifts this holiday. Slaving over the sewing machine, she has created a whole line of custom made aprons  (called Hot Mess!) using second generation fabrics and topping them off with adorable tags (telling the wearer how to wash and “to get best results to pair with heels and lipstick”). My apron is pictured here (left) – made specially from a dress fabric I had designed – is something I will enjoy cooking in for a very long time!  You can check out more of her aprons on JC’s blog, Variousnsundry – where she also stashes her other up-cycled creations.


One response to “Hot Mess!

  1. variousnsundry

    Thank you for the love Tyler! I really do need to get on some Etsy ASAP! Its on my to-do list! I’m gettin the feeling that this could be the begining to something great… 😉

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