Monthly Archives: March 2010

Type-tastic Louboutins

Tell Me Tell You Boots

You can spot a pair of Louboutins from a mile away by their signature red soles (something most fashionista’s drool over). Well now not only can you flash firey shoes, but offer reading material too. The latest Louboutin’s – Tell Me Peep Toe Pumps and Tell Me Tell You Ankle Boots – use leather and cut outs to make a design out of typography on the shoes. Brilliant! As a designer, I’m always looking for new and creative uses of fonts, but this one takes the cake recently. I’m hoping this is one trend that will trickle down the fashion line and prompt other designers to start using type as a sculptural element in shoes. If only these shoes weren’t too high (I have a 3″ heel cap) and too expensive … sigh.


Looks like Spring

Essie Spring LineI knew we were getting out of the winter blues when the trees started budding and Essie released its spring color line up for nail polish! Now I would like to clarify that I do not follow seasonal colors avidly, but saw these swatches in a magazine add and fell in love. The Art of Spring collection has a great mix of punch and femininity; very refreshing after the darker moody hues of the previous season. Eventually I’ll make my way over to Ulta to get my hands on my favorite, Tart Deco. Though it will probably take some serious restraint not to get them all … Continue reading

Phish 2010 Summer Tour

Last night Phish made my life better again by announcing their summer tour!!! It kicks off on June 11th in Chicago and runs through August 18th, wrapping up with two nights at Jones Beach, NY. I already put in for tickets and will be crossing my fingers that I score some for the  Ntelos Pavillion in P-town. Who else is in?

Wayne, when do I move in?

Coyne Living Room (or pod?)

I present to you the Wayne Coyne Residence in Oklahoma City, OK, the coolness I would expect from the front man of the Flaming Lips. Take a tour of the renovated home, which is slowly being turned into a rockin compound complete with a custom white shower room!  See more and read more about this one of a kind project by Fitzsimmons Architechs here.