Ben Folds on Chatroulette

So I’ve been meaning to post this one….

I had the privilege of seeing Ben Folds in concert back in March, which was even more incredible that I had always imagined. I’ve been a fan ever since the first time I heard Brick on the radio and to get Ben Folds with just a piano for couple hours was awesome! Not only did he jam out on some crowd favorites but he explored current technology by breaking out a disguising hoodie and a laptop with video for several rounds of Chatroulette (visit at your own risk – its the latest online sketchy-social networking craze). He not only tried the sessions once, but twice – in his encore! It was the funniest thing I have ever experienced at a show. He broke out improvised numbers to try and get actual chatters to interact and even had some successes (thank goodness – one can only take so many dark screens and unexplained fleshy areas). Overall … I hope this is a staple in Ben Folds tour, because the crew I went with certainly enjoyed it!


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