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Wayne, when do I move in?

Coyne Living Room (or pod?)

I present to you the Wayne Coyne Residence in Oklahoma City, OK, the coolness I would expect from the front man of the Flaming Lips. Take a tour of the renovated home, which is slowly being turned into a rockin compound complete with a custom white shower room!  See more and read more about this one of a kind project by Fitzsimmons Architechs here.


The Colors Duke, the Colors!

color wheel

Color Theory was one of those classes that I always considered taking during design school, but it never quite fit into the schedule. Well thanks to Smashing Magazine, I have gotten a mini crash course in current color theory. SM has created a 2 part series on their website all about the greater meaning behind the colors we choose, complete with great current examples. Even if you’re not a designer, I think you’ll really find these posts interesting because you’ll start to notice these ideas in everywhere you look!

Color Theory: Part 1

Color Theory: Part 2

Art & Copy

A Film by Doug Pray

“Hate advertising? Make better ads.” – Doug Pray

I had caught wind of this movie several months ago when someone passed me the trailer. Next week I’ll finally get to check it out thanks to my local AIGA chapter. This film, directed by Doug Pray, addresses the great and gritty that is the modern advertising industry. You’ll get interviews from the folks behind everything from presidential campaigns to the well known Got Milk? It definitely looks colorful and interesting and I just can’t wait! I hope if you live in the area, you’ll come out and if you don’t check the Art & Copy website for a screening near you.

Haitian Jack

from Playclothes

As Haiti has now suffered its second major earthquake within a week, aid is needed there more than ever. I know I posted the links for how to give below, but if you’re in the mood to give a little and get a little check out the Signature Jack T-shirt from Playclothes. All proceeds go to Wyclef’s Yele Haiti foundation. You can also purchase Yele Haiti t-shirts and many other products on that support the relief effort.

Pistilli Roman

from Pentagram

I used to play this game with my college roommate we called “Name that Font.” While watching TV, we’d analyze commercials and show intros, trying to be the first to guess which font was used. Yes, I know I’m a geek. Needless to say, I love typefaces and was so excited when a friend passed me the latest interactive quiz from legendary design firm,  Pentagram. Based on your answers about four personality questions, the font afficionado determines which typeface best represents you. Mine was Pistilli Roman (totally fitting), what’s yours?

Check out the ‘What Type Are You’ test.
Password: character.

Hot Mess!

Apron by Hot Mess!

Apron by Hot Mess!

I am a huge fan of handcrafted and eco-friendly gifts (as I’m sure many of you are), often trying to craft my own or at least buying them on sites like Etsy. Today I have to give props to my girlfriend, JC, for rocking out some seriously impressive gifts this holiday. Slaving over the sewing machine, she has created a whole line of custom made aprons  (called Hot Mess!) using second generation fabrics and topping them off with adorable tags (telling the wearer how to wash and “to get best results to pair with heels and lipstick”). My apron is pictured here (left) – made specially from a dress fabric I had designed – is something I will enjoy cooking in for a very long time!  You can check out more of her aprons on JC’s blog, Variousnsundry – where she also stashes her other up-cycled creations.

Be-a-utiful Books



designed by Coralie Bickford-Smith

Publisher Penguin has given a collection of ten classic books a face lift and they finally available in the U.S. Designer, Coralie Bickford-Smith has created eye-catching covers for the hardback versions of novels like Pride & Prejudice, Great Expectations (left), and Wurthering Heights.  Each book has great graphic elements with a somewhat vintage vibe, making it an instant enhancement of your library. The best part? These works of literature and now art are actually affordable – less than $15 each on (opt for two, you can even get free shipping)! I’ve already a couple novels to my wishlist…