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Pistilli Roman

from Pentagram

I used to play this game with my college roommate we called “Name that Font.” While watching TV, we’d analyze commercials and show intros, trying to be the first to guess which font was used. Yes, I know I’m a geek. Needless to say, I love typefaces and was so excited when a friend passed me the latest interactive quiz from legendary design firm,  Pentagram. Based on your answers about four personality questions, the font afficionado determines which typeface best represents you. Mine was Pistilli Roman (totally fitting), what’s yours?

Check out the ‘What Type Are You’ test.
Password: character.


“Run like a naked guy outta control”

Phish’s fall tour has come to a close, but I was lucky enough to be there for the last show in Charlottesville! It was definitely a stellar show, especially since it was on my birthday (if you have to turn 26, that’s the way to do it). Sadly, I didn’t get to hear any of my birthday request songs (Fee, Contact or Bouncing Around the Room) – I guess there’s always next time. Wonder when they are playing in the spring?

– Snowy Charlottesville
– Cold Pizza and Hot Cider (spiked) in the lot
– Sleeping bag boy (dude walking around like a human “pig in a blanket” with his sleeping bag bungied around him)
– Being about 6 people deep on the floor
– Jamming out w/ some of my favorite boys (Phish, boyfriend, brother & friends)
– Divided Sky (that song makes me weak)
The Naked Guy (during Ya Mar: Set 1)
– David Bowie and Golgi Apparatus – live, finally
– Getting the show poster with my birthday on it (thanks boyfriend) Continue reading

South Park does Dolphins!

Picture 1

South Park: Whale Whores

Thank you South Park, you have done it again. This show never fails to unbiasedly go after anything and everything with a sense of humor (and probably some animated violence).  As my friend Damu says about the show, “yeah, they go there.”

Last week’s episode (13: Whale Whores) was no exception – those guys are always so on point with current issues from the news to pop culture. The show first took aim at the Japanese practice of killing dolphins (video clip) which I had my eyes opened to through several NPR stories about the movie The Cove (see additional links below). Then the reality show Whale Wars took a hit, but even Captain Paul Watson couldn’t complain about being harpooned by the show because it shed some light on their cause. I won’t go any further into the plot line because I don’t want to be a spoiler – trust me its an episode worth watching. Continue reading

A Good Laugher

So I’m not on twitter nor do I follow peoples tweets … except, I stumble across this one feed that constantly makes me laugh so hard I just can’t help myself. Though the name in itself is a little crass and the content is definitely uncensored, Shitmydadsays(Justin) is the perfect source for a good chuckle. Justin literally posts the witicisms  his elderly live-in father spouts about life, love and anything else under the sun. Remember that laughter is good for you, so take a minute and check it out.