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Phish 2010 Summer Tour

Last night Phish made my life better again by announcing their summer tour!!! It kicks off on June 11th in Chicago and runs through August 18th, wrapping up with two nights at Jones Beach, NY. I already put in for tickets and will be crossing my fingers that I score some for the  Ntelos Pavillion in P-town. Who else is in?


A Box Full of Joy!

Joy Box

Phish released its latest studio album a couple months ago (previously mentioned in Happy Happy Joy) and along with that yet another great box set. The Limited Edition Joy Box includes the album, Party Time album, an extensive hard-bound booklet, 10 song inspired limited edition posters, and a DVD full of live performances. You can order your very own at drygoods.phish.com or amazon.com. Check out the unveiling of the “Joy Box” via youtube. And remember, it’s party time!

“Run like a naked guy outta control”

Phish’s fall tour has come to a close, but I was lucky enough to be there for the last show in Charlottesville! It was definitely a stellar show, especially since it was on my birthday (if you have to turn 26, that’s the way to do it). Sadly, I didn’t get to hear any of my birthday request songs (Fee, Contact or Bouncing Around the Room) – I guess there’s always next time. Wonder when they are playing in the spring?

– Snowy Charlottesville
– Cold Pizza and Hot Cider (spiked) in the lot
– Sleeping bag boy (dude walking around like a human “pig in a blanket” with his sleeping bag bungied around him)
– Being about 6 people deep on the floor
– Jamming out w/ some of my favorite boys (Phish, boyfriend, brother & friends)
– Divided Sky (that song makes me weak)
The Naked Guy (during Ya Mar: Set 1)
– David Bowie and Golgi Apparatus – live, finally
– Getting the show poster with my birthday on it (thanks boyfriend) Continue reading

Birthday come early!

Luck must have been on my side this time – both boyfriend & I got blocks of tickets for the Phish show in Charlottesville through the ticket lottery! To get even better, one block is on the FLOOR – I guess turning 26 won’t be so bad when I’m jamming out up close with Phish. Happy early birthday to me! For anyone who wasn’t so lucky in the lottery, tickets go on sale to the general public Friday (10/23) at 10am. Click here to try and get yours! Good luck. And remember “whatever you do, take care of your shoes.”

P.S. – leave me a comment or hit me up if you are going to the C-ville show!

Happy Happy Joy!

I came back from lunch to the best e-mail ever – Phish is playing a show in Charlottesville on my birthday!!!!! After seeing them two nights at Bonnaroo, I was ready to follow them for the rest of the tour – if only it wasn’t for money, bills and holding down a job (which I love)… Luckily they released their new studio album early in September and I’ve been living off of  Joy for the past month. I’m still dying to see them live again and have been scheming with the boyfriend to figure out any way possible to go to another show. Now that they are only play a couple hours away in Charlottesville, the only hurdle to getting my Phish-fix is getting tickets from the crazy lottery system (did not have so much luck with this for the Hampton shows). So if you too love Phish and want to catch the end of their tour – go to their website and put in to try and get tickets today. Oh yeah, and cross your fingers for me that I score some tickets this time – it would make for the best birthday EVER!

Want more Phish? Check out their interview on NPR and listen to songs off their new album.

Mandatory Encore

I went to a fantastic show at a local venue last night, but as the band played its last song and the crowd cheered, I began thinking about the fact that I already knew they were coming back for an encore. This brought me to a question: When did the encore become mandatory at a rock show?

I remember going to shows when I was younger and when the group did their last song, it really was their last song. The audience would go crazy after, chant, yell, applaud – still the band wouldn’t come back out. The crowd really had to earn their encore, if they got one at all.

Today its almost become more of a second (or third, depending on the group) mini set. They go off stage long enough to have a beer or smoke and then come back out just as people are really getting tired of clapping and play 3 more songs. Now don’t get me wrong here, I love that I’m getting more for my money – knowing that I get a bonus set for my ticket price helps to justify all the service charges that get tacked on.  There are also some bands that really pull out all the stops for their encore. Continue reading