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Silent Bob Strikes Southwest!

I am not a big fan of flying and have a love/ hate relationship with Southwest Airlines. I have traveled with them repeatedly in the past and am not enthralled, but lets be honest they are one of the few airlines I can afford to fly and I’ve had a few really bad experiences. Well earlier this week I found out that having a flight attendant throw my coat at me and then cram my laptop bag (with my mac in it) violently into the overhead compartment is not the worst thing that can happen when traveling with Southwest…
While listening to Kevin Smith’s weekly podcast, SModcast, I learned that you can actually be kicked off a plane for being too fat. I would suggest listening to Kevin’s account (#106) of the situation and then Natalie (#107), his fellow traveler’s story before you pass too much judgement based on the hype surrounding the situation. I can’t fathom the humiliation they suffered in that scenario, because really the heart of the matter is that it was a bad situation made worse by poor customer service. No matter what size you are, everyone has a right to their dignity; so thanks Kevin for using the platform you have to bring attention to the situation. Continue reading